Whether providing another (meticulous) set of eyes or working with you until your life lessons, interests, ideas, and passion become the book you envision, I help you make a difference—from copyediting for typos, grammar, consistency, and style to full ghostwriting or working with you to develop your ideas into a book proposal.


When you know what you want to say but writing doesn’t fit your schedule or isn’t your calling.


Copyediting (not ghostwriting) dissertations and academic papers. I speak Chicago Manual, APA, MLA, and AMA. I am experienced working with people for whom English is a subsequent language.

Case Studies

A dynamic sales or donor pitch with facts and figure is crucial, of course. But specific stories of how you made a difference give your prospects confidence in their choice.


I can help you articulate your complex work in a straightforward way so people “get it” and want to know more.

Executive profiles or thought leader content

Your CEO is face of your company to your customers. Shouldn’t she be its heart and soul as well?

Ethical Wills

You’re so much more than your stock portfolio. An ethical will communicates your values, life lessons, favorite stories, hopes, and affection to future generations.

Executive Summaries

Executive Summaries and copyediting for proposals and grant applications.

Resume and cover letters

Resume or cover letter review and editing. Formerly a resume consultant with an internationally known firm, I have experience helping you cut through the unneeded words straight to the solid accomplishments that will get the attention of both automated screening programs and busy humans.

Something else entirely?

Chances are good I’ve either done it or can do it. But not a screenplay. I’ve never written a play. At any rate, it will be an interesting conversation. Just fill out the calendar request and we can talk.  No charge. I love talking with people who have something interesting to say.

Marty Lentz, MBA, PMP

Writer – Editor – Advocate

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Marty is a sponge. I can’t believe how quickly she caught on. You’d think she had been doing this for years.

2004 performance appraisal

Mom, you don’t have to learn everyone’s life story in the checkout line.

True enough, but the ability to do it put two kids through liberal arts schools.

Working with an editor gave me the confidence to write my outline. Then I knew we could do it together.

I just got a call from the editor who rejected my manuscript before I worked with you. [The book was published by a different press]. He said they’d be honored to talk with me about my next book. Hah!

I don’t think I ever realized I was that interesting until I read your profile.

CEO of a Fortune 100 company